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    "First I am very thankfull to Sunflower(…) for giving a chance here to write about palmistry on her site.This site is very needful for who want to get knowledge for future..Here we are starting the division of palmistry so I hope that it will be successfully run & people will like it.Palmistry is not a new word for those people who want to know their future.Palmistry is an art to know our past,present & future by our shape of palms,lines of palm & mounts of palm etc.Palmistry is like an ocean so it cannot be completed within limited articles.Here we are discussing about palmistry twice in a month for various lines,mounts etc."( Vanesh Kansara - professional palmist, India)


    Some people belives palmistry is not science like as such as an astrology.But palmistry is only science because the lines & shape of palm is never change which it is establish in our palm once.Lines are never change in our palm.If the lines are changing oftenly & frequently who trust on palmistry?There is become darkness in lines which is seen light.I never feel that a new fate line or new heart line  etc is come atonce.Anyway palmistry is only perfect science to know our future & it is only working as our guide.It is mirror of our life so we can predict all thing which is surrounding to human lives like nature,business,health,finance likes & dislikes etc.The all credit goes to ancient Indian saints for the invention of palmistry.They were doing many efforts & prove that palmistry is strong.Then western palmist follows their path & they areDesbarroles, W.G.Benham,Saint Germain,Noel Jaquine.Chiero etc.


    If palmistry become incomplete why should police man takes finger prints of the person who is making  crime?In medical & in ayurvedas the doctors & vaidyas examine nails of patient & predict disease from it.The examination of nail is on part of palmistry.Now the impression of thumb is must needed in court stamps.These are the things which shows palmistry is how much helpfull to us.If these thing are able to change noone can take write judgement from it.So this is my request pls apply palmistry as science.Once anyone is studying deep for it he/she is having more knowledge & confidence on palmistry.In Palmistry there are two division.[1] Chierognomy it covers shape of the hands,colours & textures of the palm,fingers & thumb etc and [2] Cheiromancy it covers analysis of lines and what tells different signs on lines and mounts.


    Now we are starting the study of palmistry from basic and in detail.Hence we are think first about different kind of palms.Here are 3  kind of palms.[1] Soft Palm,[2] Very Soft Palm & [3] Hard Palm.

[1] SOFT PALM:----- This palm is become red when we are pressing it.Having this kind of palm the person is cool by nature.Sometimes we find  femalous charecteristic


in this kind of person.They are very sensitive too.If softness is less and palm is hard the person is become an active.He perform his duties very well.They can become good business,lawyers in profession.They are very lazy too.


[2] VERY SOFT,RED OR DRY PALM:----- The person is having this kind of palm is very dangerous.They are not ready to understand any position & behave like foolish.They are doing only orders & not ready to do anything.Sometimes cruelity find in the person.Their mind is criminal too.They give up their study.Their intelligency is nil.


[3] HARD PALM:-----Hard palm is not good but if the lines are thin in Hard palm it is good sign.But lines are also thick the person is the struggler.It is also bad for the future.Hard palm is indicate only resultless efforts.Here examination of  lines and  mounts are must essential.If the lines and mounts are not satisfactorial the person cannot become a smart worker.If the palm is thin the person is very conservative mind & unsuccessfull hard worker.


    Now we are think on size of palm.Here three kind of sizes.[1] Narrow Palm,[2] Broad Palm, [3] Very Broad Palm..We are discussing in detail about it as under:


[1] NARROW PALM:----- The hand which is narrow in size the person is selfish and untrustworthiness.They are not able to understand and work always by own style.


[2] BROAD PALM:-----  Once he decided to do something he must do it by any way.Once he think noone can stop him.


[3] VERY BROAD PALM:----- They are not able to take right decision on right time.Sometimes they are hypocrate & behave like very brave men but in fact they are speaking loudly not doing more than it.They cannot completed their work in limited time.Their every plans for future are baseless.



[1] RED DRY & HARD PALM:----- The persons who is having this kind of palm are very excited in nature.They are getting anger in a moment without reasoning.In health they are getting trouble for liver.They are conservative and doubtfull by nature.They are never doing any plan for their work & lastly they are giving up it incomplete mode.If they are doing something for society & religion on account of their prestige.


[2] YELLOW CUM HARD PALM:---- They are doing only laborious work without seeing day & night.By nature they are rigid.They are not having balance of thinking so sometimes they behaves like foolish person.If the persons are found educated  with this kind of palm they are selfish too.Their contacts are not wide.


[3] PINK,SOFT BUT LIGHT PALM:----- This palm is very best palm than above two.If they want to become something they will.But they are become lazy.They are having large group of friends.They are optimist & self reliance.They are always become happy & never feel envy to others. monetary problem in his life.




!! Shree Ganeshay Namah!!


by Vanesh Kansara http://www.primeprediction.net/ 



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